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Development and Realization of a Computer Monitoring System Based on a Power Network

[ Vol. 14 , Issue. 1 ]


Qin Qin*   Pages 59 - 66 ( 8 )


Background: To solve an electric power enterprise for a safe operation of power systems.

Methods: A data acquisition technology based on multi-thread mechanism of data collection technology is proposed; its application may provide a data acquisition rate of 1832/min and an update cycle of approximately 30 s to ensure efficient and reliable performance on a large-scale electric power realtime data acquisition.

Results: A power state index diagnosis algorithm is designed.

Conclusion: The on-line real-time diagnosis of the current operating state for the power system is realized, and its importance is given.


Multithreading mechanism, data acquisition technology, development, VAR compensator, multithread mechanism, black boxes.


School of Computer Science, Henan University of Engineering, Henan

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