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Assessment of Direct and Indirect Current Control Techniques Applied to Active Power Filters

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 8 ]


Mohamed Adel* and Tarek Kandil   Pages 1256 - 1265 ( 10 )


Background: In this paper, an assessment of active power filter (APF) performance is presented under direct and indirect current control schemes through on-line compensation theory.

Methods: Conventional Direct Current Control (DCC) measures both load current and filter current beside source and DC-link voltages, while Indirect Current Control (ICC) measures only source current beside voltage measurements. Both DCC and ICC control algorithms are implemented using 80C196KC low-cost microcontroller.

Results: The performance parameters of APF are compared under two methods, and it is assigned that ICC gives a better performance with lower cost due to reduced number of sensors. The DC-link output voltage is controlled through simple PI-controller, and the PWM switching signals required by APF power circuit is obtained by hysteresis current controller.

Conclusion: The comparative simulation and experimental results exhibit that performance of APF due to ICC scheme is superior than DCC one.


Active power filter, direct current control, indirect current control, harmonic distortion, reactive power, sinusoidal reference waveform.


Department of Electrical Engineering, Jouf University, Sakaka, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jouf University, Sakaka

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