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An Effective Congestion Control Algorithm based on Traffic Assignment and Reassignment in Wireless Sensor Network

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 8 ]


Chao Wang*   Pages 1166 - 1174 ( 9 )


Background: It is important to improve the quality of service by using congestion detection technology to find the potential congestion as early as possible in wireless sensor network.

Methods: So an improved congestion control scheme based on traffic assignment and reassignment algorithm is proposed for congestion avoidance, detection and mitigation. The congestion area of the network is detected by predicting and setting threshold. When the congestion occurs, sensor nodes can be recovery quickly from congestion by adopting reasonable method of traffic reassignment. And the method can ensure the data in the congestion areas can be transferred to noncongestion areas as soon as possible.

Results: The simulation results indicate that the proposed scheme can reduce the number of loss packets, improve the throughput, stabilize the average transmission rate of source node and reduce the end-to-end delay.

Conclusion: So the proposed scheme can enhance the overall performance of the network. Keywords: wireless sensor network; congestion control; congestion detection; congestion mitigation; traffic assignment; traffic reassignment.


Wireless sensor network, congestion control, congestion detection, congestion mitigation, traffic assignment, traffic reassignment.


School of Computer and Software, Nanyang Institute of Technology, Nanyang

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