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Microstrip Antenna-inception, Progress and Current-state of The Art Review

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 6 ]


Gunaram and Vijay Sharma*   Pages 769 - 794 ( 26 )


Background: Microstrip antenna has gained significant attention for a large number of communication systems due to its adaptable features and compatibility.

Objective: The major objective of this manuscript is to assess the microstrip antenna technology for structure adaptability, the feature based performance capabilities, design and versatility.

Methods: The major reviews conducted in every decade on antenna technology highlighted the significance of microstrip antenna technology. Moreover, a review of the articles on microstrip antenna published in ‘IEEE Transaction on Antenna and Propagation’ revealed that these antennas can primarily be used instead of other types of antennas.

The available presentation of microstrip antennas includes features, such as small size, flatness (low profiles), wide-ranging impedance bandwidth, high gain, and circular polarization. A chronological assessment of the major endeavors in the microstrip antenna study conducted during the last four decades, is highlighted.

Results: This manuscript focuses on the cutting-edge developments in the microstrip antenna technology and facilitates various modern designated extents, which provide the readers an insight into the tractability presented by microstrip antennas and their prospective benefits as compared to different types of other antennas like lens antenna, dish antenna, horn antenna, etc. The recent advancements in manufacturing techniques of microstrip antenna are reviewed. A large number of publications on the applications of microstrip antennas, such as communication, sensing, energy harvesting, biomedical relevance etc. are also included to show their importance at present.

Conclusion: This article presents a state of the art evaluation of the research carried out on microstrip antennas from the time of their inception to till date. It consolidates the information for the researchers working in this field and will be helpful in enhancing the efforts for the research.


Microstrip antenna (patch antenna), historical review, resonant frequency, feed technique, impedance bandwidth, circular polarization, miniaturization, broadband, wideband, high gain, defected ground structures.


Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Bhagwant University, Ajmer, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Govt. Mahila Engineering College, Ajmer

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