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Design and Optimization of Rectangular Patch Antenna Based on FR4, Teflon and Ceramic Substrates


Karthigai Pandian pandian M* and Chinnadurai T   Pages 1 - 6 ( 6 )


Background: Modern Communication devices are very much dependent on the operation of low profile antennas. The objective of this paper is to perform the design and simulation of a rectangular microstrip patch antenna at a resonant frequency of 9.5 GHz. Method: Design of the antenna is performed with various substrates like FR4, Teflon and Ceramic substrates at the desired frequency. For each substrate, the performance of the antenna is measured in terms of its return loss and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR). Result: Ansoft High-Frequency Structure Simulator is used to simulate the antenna characteristics. Conclusion: Performance characteristics of the antenna with three different substrates are compared to identify the substrate that provides the accurate return loss and VSWR.


Ceramic, Frequency, FR4, HFSS, Microstrip patch antenna, Teflon


Sri Krishna college of Technology, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, Sri Krishna college of Technology, Instrumentation and Control Engineering

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