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Low Noise and Low Distortion Telescopic OTA for Biomedical Signal Processing


Zuber Patel*   Pages 1 - 6 ( 6 )


Background: This paper presents a low noise and low distortion telescopic operational trans-conductance amplifier (OTA) that is suited to biomedical signal processing. In our proposal, source degeneration using CMOS transmission gate is introduced in telescopic OTA to realize current- voltage negative feedback. The negative feedback degenerates Gm, reduces flicker noise and reduces distortion. Methods: The circuit is simulated by using TSMC 90nm CMOS process technology with 1.8V supply voltage. We obtained promising simulation results that show THD less than -90dB and flicker noise 60 nV at 4kHz corner frequency. Result: The frequency response plot reveals that our circuit offers a voltage gain of 63dB with negative feedback and achieves a phase margin of about 70 degrees. Thus, this topology is a feasible solution for low noise and low distortion biomedical signal amplifier circuits.


Low distortion, Source degeneration, Flicker noise, telescopic OTA, THD


S V National Institute of Technology, Electronics Engineering, Ichchhanath, Dumas Road

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