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Compensating Resonant Frequency via Adjusting Adjustable Coil Automatically


Jin Xu and Yuting Zhao*   Pages 1 - 7 ( 7 )


Background: Detuning is the main problem that affects the efficiency and transmission distance of the resonant coupling wireless power transmission (WPT). The distance of load and the offset of the load position could cause serious detuning. Methods: This paper presents an adjustable coil in which inductance can be adjusted. Then a model of WPT was established that could compensate resonant frequency automatically using the adjustable coil. Next, the relationship between the primary resonant frequency and the transmission efficiency is analyzed from the circuit. The analysis proved that the design of the adjustable coil could improve the transmission efficiency of the WPT system. Finally, a prototype of WPT system was built. Result: The experimental results showed that WPT system with adjustable coil can improve the transmission efficiency which proves the theoretical research. At the same time, it has essential reference value for the future research of WPT.


Adjustable coil , frequency compensation automatically, frequency tracking, WPT system detuning


Nanjing Agricultural University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Nanjing Agricultural University, Department of Electrical Engineering

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