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Reduction of the Low Voltage Substation Constraints by Inserting Photovoltaic Systems in Underserved Areas

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 2 ]


Benbouza Naima*, Benfarhi Louiza and Azoui Boubakeur   Pages 102 - 107 ( 6 )


Background: The improvement of the voltage in power lines and the respect of the low voltage distribution transformer substations constraints (Transformer utilization rate and Voltage drop) are possible by several means: reinforcement of conductor sections, installation of new MV / LV substations (Medium Voltage (MV), Low Voltage (LV)), etc.

Methods: Connection of mini-photovoltaic systems (PV) to the network, or to consumers in underserved areas, is a well-adopted solution to solve the problem of voltage drop and lighten the substation transformer, and at the same time provide clean electrical energy. PV systems can therefore contribute to this solution since they produce energy at the deficit site.

Results: This paper presents the improvement of transformer substation constraints, supplying an end of low voltage electrical line, by inserting photovoltaic systems at underserved subscribers.

Conclusion: This study is applied to a typical load pattern, specified to the consumers region.


Transformer utilization rate, Voltage drop, Compensation, Photovoltaic (PV) Systems, Grid Connected PV Systems, Solar Irradiation.


LEB Laboratory, Faculty of Technology, University Mostafa Benboulaid, Batna 2, Batna,05000, Department of Electrical Engineering,Faculty of Technology,University Mostafa Benboulaid, Batna 2, Batna,05000, LEB Laboratory, Faculty of Technology, University Mostafa Benboulaid, Batna 2, Batna,05000

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