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MultiChannel Caucus based MAC (MC2-MAC) Protocol for LOS Communication in Smart Grids

[ Vol. 12 , Issue. 3 ]


Jeetu Sharma*, Manish K. Jha and Partha P. Bhattacharya   Pages 232 - 241 ( 10 )


Background: This paper proposes a novel MultiChannel Caucus based Medium Access Control (MC2-MAC) protocol to diminish collisions between different data packets to reduce energy dissipation of nodes and latency of data packets transmitted by the sensors communicating in Line of Sight (LOS) communication deployed to supervise distinct raucous provinces in the smart grid.

Methods: The performance diminishing major problems such as wastage of battery power, bottlenecks and collisions need to be mitigated to elongate lifespan and to diminish data latency. The employment of caucus based efficient scheduling scheme enhances synchronization and multiple channels prevent collisions by reducing the number of contending nodes. The utilization of multiple channels enables sink node to communicate simultaneously with numerous nodes.

Results: The influence of multichannel is evaluated by comparing the simulation results of the networks implementing ZigBee, C-MAC and MC2-MAC protocols. QualNet 6.1 simulator is used to perform the simulations.

Conclusion: The work resolute to evaluate and correlate the impact of the multichannel scheme to optimize the performance metrics of sensors deployed in distinct raucous provinces communicating in LOS environs in the smart grid and to gain the attention of scholars in this emerging field of research.


Channel characteristics, multichannel, multiple transceivers, power control room, transformer vaults, smart grid, substation.


Department of ECE, CET, Mody University of Science & Technology, Lakshmangarh, ABES Engineering College Ghaziabad, UP, Department of ECE, CET, Mody University of Science & Technology, Lakshmangarh

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