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Chaos-Control and Locking in a Dual-Ring Er-Doped Fiber Laser by Adjusting Loss

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 3 ]


Senlin Yan*   Pages 291 - 296 ( 6 )


Background: We studied how to control a dual-ring Er-doped fiber laser by shifting the laser loss, pressuring the chaotic behavior of the laser to a periodic state or multi-periodic states.

Methods: We present a model of single-parameter control of the laser. When a periodic signal adjusts the loss of one ring, the dynamic behavior of the laser can stabilize into period-one states and the dualring output variation locks at the adjusting signal frequency where two rings can emit cyclic pulses. We find such a control-locking-frequency region, indicating that the chaotic dual-ring Er-doped fiber laser can be effectively controlled. We also find a locking-half-frequency region, in which the dual-ring output locks at a half-frequency of the adjusting signal. When the loss shifts between two values, the laser can be deduced to multi-periodic states or be pressured into two single-period states where two rings cam emit cyclic pulses. We also find that the controlled laser can exhibit dual dynamics, in which the dual-ring shows two dynamic behaviors, such as, one ring showing a period-two state, while the other ring shows a period-three state or stabilizes to a period-one state.

Results: Our results indicate that the chaos- of a dual-ring erbium-doped fiber laser can be controlled.


Control, chaos, dual-ring, laser, lock, period.


School of Electronic Engineering, Nanjing XiaoZhuang University, Nanjing

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