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A Method for Analytical Voltage Sags Prediction in Complex Power Network

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 3 ]


M.R. Qader*   Pages 303 - 309 ( 7 )


Background: Power quality problems are identified in voltages and currents and are, mainly, classified in harmonics, transients, and voltage sags. Besides current harmonics, voltage sags is the most common type of issue especially with manufacturing consumers. To define voltage sags, they are shortduration reduction in the rms voltage and they are mostly induced by remote short circuit. Determining the critical distance of a fault that will cause certain pre-defined voltage sag at a specific bus is uncomplicated and simple in radial systems. However, in a meshed power system, determining the critical distance of a fault at specific line that will cause predefined voltage sag magnitude is not as simple and has not been resolved by any of the existent studies. The aim of this paper is to provide proper solution to find the critical distance in meshed power system.

Methods: The method has been applied and tested using a 6-bus system.

Result: A proper solution is achieved in this paper regarding the critical distance in a Meshed Power System and the results shows the efficiency of the method used.


Power quality, fault analysis, voltage sags, bus impedance matrix, load flow, meshed networks.


Department of Electrical & Electonics, College of Engineering, University of Bahrain, Zallaq

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