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Current Controlled Instrumentation Amplifiers Based on Current Controlled Conveyors

[ Vol. 11 , Issue. 2 ]


Zineb M`Harzi*, Mustapha Alami and Farid Temcamani   Pages 181 - 187 ( 7 )


Background: In this paper, two enhanced current controlled instrumentation amplifiers are proposed. These circuits, which have no passive elements, use second-generation current controlled conveyors, as basic building blocks, and a grounded active resistance.

Materials & Methods: The instrumentation amplifiers are positively affected by certain features of the current controlled conveyor, such as: simple structure, high frequency functioning, low supply voltage and low power dissipation. The proposed structures do not require matched resistors to reach a high common mode rejection ratio. They have wide bandwidth that remains unaffected by a current controlled differential gain.

Results: Moreover, they offer high input impedance and low offset, which are a desirable features for instrumentation amplifiers. Accordingly, the proposed amplifiers are suitable for integrated circuit implementation in the medical field. The instrumentation amplifiers characteristics are confirmed through PSPICE simulation in order to sustain the theoretical results.

Conclusion: A comparison with the structures presented in the literature is undertaken to highlight the benefits of our circuits.


BiCMOS technology, common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), current mode (CM), instrumentation amplifier (IA), second-generation current controlled conveyor (CCCII), voltage mode (VM).


National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT) - STRS Lab, Rabat 18301, National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (INPT) - STRS Lab, Rabat 18301, National School of Electronics and its Applications (ENSEA) - QUARTZ Lab, Paris

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