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Secure, Flexible and Robust Intra-Cluster Key Management Framework for Clustered Sensor Networks

[ Vol. 10 , Issue. 2 ]


Ya-Nan Liu* and Ru-Chan Dong   Pages 90 - 100 ( 11 )


Background: A secure, flexible and robust intra-cluster key management framework is proposed as a general solution to establish the pairwise key between a sensor and its cluster head in sensor networks.

Methods: Based on the classical low-energy key management (LEKM) protocol, this framework employs the threshold secret sharing in the key pre-distribution and pairwise key establishment phases.

Results: Compared to the LEKM protocol, the framework inherits the low-energy advantage and improves the flexibility, the robustness, and the resilience against node capture attacks.

Conclusion: Theoretical analysis and simulation prove that this framework has many advantages: firstly, it improves the security against node capture attack compared to probabilistic schemes; secondly, it is flexible in key revocation/renewal operations by using the threshold technique; thirdly, it is robust against CH nodes capture attack, which is achieved by guaranteeing high connectivity after node recovery. At last, it inherits the energy-efficient property of the LEKM protocol, which is optimal in saving the energy consumption of low-power sensors.


Framework, intra-cluster, key management, pairwise key, sensor network, threshold.


School of Software Engineering, Jinling Institue of Technology, P.O. Box: 211169, Nanjing, School of Software Engineering, Jinling Institue of Technology, Nanjing

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